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We find more and more people are searching for content on the web using a mobile device or their voice-activated device. It is estimated that 50% of all web searches will be done by voice in the year 2020. Is your website ready to move forward in 2020? Contact us to set your website up to be found with voice browsing.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is the standard markup language for creating web pages. It is the framework for your website.

CSS is Cascading Style Sheet and is the standard for the way your website looks. So if HTML is the framework of a house then CSS is the color and layout of rooms and the house itself.

PHP is a scripting language that runs on the website servers that are then presented to you. If HTML and CSS are like a house, then PHP is the appliances. You do not need it to have a house, but it is better when you have it. PHP can do something as simple as adding a current date to your website or as complex as searching for something in a database then creating a webpage based on that data.

JavaScript is a scripting language that runs in your browser. In our house analogy, JavaScript would be like motion-activated sensors. They react locally to an event, like a click may change color or content of a page.

WordPress is a mostly free website tool, primarily for people that want a website that does not know how to code. It is called a Content Management System (CMS) Some professions also code website in WordPress. WordPress is an open-source application to create websites. WordPress offers a web interface to creating pages and editing pages. We do not use WordPress; we hand-code our websites. The only way to get into a website that is hand-coded is to hack GoDaddy.

The answer would almost always be a NO. WordPress websites are usually easy to set up but (A big BUT...) they require constant maintenance. The reason is WordPress websites are open source which is a good thing. They have a large body of developers that work on WordPress constantly to improve it. Unfortunately, the bad guys as well get their hands on the code. To which they work tirelessly to exploit the security issues causing problems for you. Then making you must constantly update your Plug-ins and WordPress itself as the community finds bugs or glitches in the code through updates they issue.
We do not use WordPress because it is too risky. We hand-code all our websites so there is nothing to exploit. The bad guys cannot get in. The only way to get into a website that is hand-coded is to hack GoDaddy.

For the most part, they can be secure. If you keep up on all the updates as soon as they come out. You must keep the theme you are using and all your plugins updated. Here is where the problem lies, there will always be people who want to hack websites. Trying to find a way to exploit a security issue to see what damage they can do.
You must back up your website religiously as an added precaution. The reason for this is that if someone hacks your website it will not be gone. Sadly, you cannot undo a hack. You would have to start over and reinstall everything. Now if you have been backing up your website, then you would first reinstall WordPress, theme, and plugins. Then re-upload the backup copy of your website to the database. This re-upload takes time. I am sure you had something else planned for that time!
We do not use WordPress because it is too risky. We hand-code all our websites so there is nothing to exploit. The bad guys cannot get in. The only way to get into a website that is hand-coded is to hack GoDaddy.

WordPress websites can either be hacked or you could experience a database failure. If you do not keep your website up to date, you can get hacked. Even if you have all your security updates current, you can still get hacked. Sometimes, databases can get corrupted. They are mechanical devices that can fail. If they fail, they can corrupt the database. WordPress websites are made solely using databases.
You need to pay someone to keep everything up to date. They should make backups of your website regularly. That way when it happens, you can rebuild your website. This is not a quick process. You must install WordPress first then your theme and upload your backup copy to the database.
With our websites, there is no database needed for most of the websites we build. Elements of a website that would require a database are for a Blog, a website with an Admin section, and a store.

WordPress uses themes to make a website appear the way you want it. Themes range anywhere from free to hundreds of dollars to purchase. A theme is only as good as its coder. While many of them are secure, they are for WordPress which makes them vulnerable to hacking. If the coding is poor, then another door is open to having your website hacked.
With our websites, there is no database needed for most of the websites we build. Elements of a website that would require a database are for a Blog, a website with an Admin section, and a store.

Plugins are specially designed to make the website/page better. Continuing with the house theme, you want appliances like a refrigerator, a range, & a dishwasher. The people building your house do not need to build each appliance, they purchase them and install them. All the builder must do is make sure the correct connections are available to hook into. Then they purchase the appliance and connect them. With plugins, you either find free versions if available or you purchase them. A plugin can be free, or you may need to purchase them. Pricing is the same as the theme pricing, normally it is a yearly subscription you must pay to keep getting updates. I have seen plugins that go as high as $300 per year.

WooCommerce is a suite of Themes and Plugins you add into WP to create an eCommerce website to sell products. WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress websites. But to do many common tasks you have to purchase subscriptions on a per year bases. For example, a plugin for simple USPS shipping is $49 per year. If you need support or to update the plugin, then you must have a subscription. Just know that if you want an eCommerce website, you will need to write down everything you want your store to do and look up the prices before you commit to having an eCommerce website built. You want to justify the amount you need to pay annually to be able to keep your site up to date against what you will make. WooCommerce is not the only suite of themes and plugins for eCommerce websites. WooCommerce is just the most popular. Talk to your web person to discuss your options.

A brute force attack is basically where a computer gets into your WordPress website. It tries every combination of popular usernames and then tries every password combination. What the computer does is try passwords starting with "a" then submit, then "b" and submit, then "c" and submit, and so on. Once it gets through all the alphabet, it then tries numbers and characters. Next, it starts with the second digit "aa" then "ab", "ac" and so on. Most personal computers run at 2GHz. That means it can find a password of 4 digits in 11 microseconds! An 8-digit password in 5 seconds! If you have a 10-digit password with some special characters, it will take about 1 month to crack. The problem is it can still hack it!
We hand-code our websites. There are no databases for most normal websites. For the elements that have a database, we can limit the number of wrong responses before being locked out. We also put a delay in our log on the system so that a slower response means they look for easier sites to hack.

SEO is a very broad topic. Just as all cars are vehicles, not all vehicles are cars. The same goes for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is how well a website gets found in search results. If you own a website for cleaning old coins, for example, you will not have much competition and so a search for old coins polished will most likely have you on the first page. If you are an attorney and someone searches for Attorney, you most likely will not be on the first page. You may not even be on the first 10 pages of results. So, SEO, in general, is how you get on the first page or near the first page in a competitive market. Some things can detract from your SEO "score". A website that is built incorrectly is a big one. Duplicate content from other sites. Then some things help you such as Reviews, Schema, Google My Business. Then you have local SEO and national SEO. All these play a part in how easy your target audience can find you.

Yes. Here are the different types of SEO.
Website SEO – The way your website is built. Does it conform to SEO standards?
Local SEO – How you come up in search engines locally?
National SEO – How you come up in searches nationally?

A website template is a starting point for a website. Just as you can get templates in Word or PowerPoint you can get a template for our websites then customize it as you would like.

To write code for a website, you do not need any special software. At its basic form, you can write code in NOTEPAD. There are many programs out there to help you write code by giving you code hints. Some are free and others you must pay for.

Mobile-friendly websites are websites that size for phones and tablets. Google will let you know if you are on your phone if the search results are mobile-friendly. Google will demote websites that are not mobile-friendly. All our websites are designed to look aesthetically pleasing in Mobile size.

First page SEO (search engine optimization) is standard for every Home page we design. We strive to meet the requirements to properly create your Home page with the adequate content required to get you noticed in the internet world. That starts with making sure your site is mobile friendly to having a sitemap. So that search engines will populate your content in search results. We do offer the ability for in-depth SEO campaigns for either locally and/or globally. Which will be priced differently depending on the need.

Images or document size does matter. A beautiful image like a calendar will be difficult to download if the resolution is too big. Desktop computers with a high download rate still may struggle. On phones, you can be on a slower connection and may also use a lot of data. If the item is to be printed, then it may be harder to print on older systems. It is best to check for proper resolution size when creating your images and documents before placing them on your website.

A website database is a database that an application can access to perform a task. Such as, you can build the framework for a webpage and then fill the information for the page from the database. A database can be quite simple like an Excel spreadsheet to complex like a spreadsheet with hundreds of tabs full of information. Any piece of information can be found easily. More complex databases like those used by WordPress is huge. They contain all the information that makes your website look and work. They are so complex that if a single error in writing to the database should occur your whole website would crash. The database should be backed up in case of a crash.

The internet is made up of many computers all around the world that talk to each other. A host computer is a computer that runs programs that will allow it to talk to other computers forming the internet. A server is one of those computers that people can upload files to which create a website. Hosting companies like GoDaddy have hundreds of servers.

If your website was created using a site builder site, like Weebly or Wix, you cannot move your website directly. All the coding for these types of websites is proprietary and cannot be moved. The images on these websites may also be proprietary as well. Your best option is to have a new site created. The developers will be able to get a look and feel close to what you had.

In general, you can have your website moved to another host. There are a few things to keep in mind. How large is your website? If you have a small website, you can have your developers move your website with a free plugin. They can download it from one host and upload it to the new host. If you have a large site, like a good size eCommerce website, you may have to pay the hosting company to clone your website. Around $100+ to move a large website.

Moving a hand-coded website is the easiest to move. The developer simply downloads it from the previous host and uploads it to the current host. Even if you have a database behind a hand-coded website it can easily download. The developer makes a couple of changes on the server and your site is live in the new place.